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Eleusian Natural Skin Care produces plant-based beauty products, free of animal by-products - not tested on animals - absolutely no SLS - packed with bio nutrients and essential oils.
Eleusian is perfect for the whole family, suitable for all ages & vegan friendly.
Ranging from babies to teenagers to adults.
There is something for everyone at Eleusian.
It's time to love your skin X X X .
"Eleusian is the natural solution for a radiant complexion"
Using the latest peptide technology, and enhanced with our revolutionary 100% pure and natural LamellarPlex™, our products are integrated with an optimum concentration of the purest aromatherapy and essential oils. So whether you have acne problems, aging, dry or sensitive skin, our botanical skin care range will feed your skin with the purest, most gentle, highly concentrated formulas that deliver results.
Beauty, the natural way.

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