The oil everyone is raving about

Fiorella Schiavello

Remarkable regenerative properties & endorsed by medical professionals for its unique healing powers & accelerating skin repair after cosmetic & laser surgery - the oil everyone is talking about is Rose Hip Oil. It softens fine lines & wrinkles, repairs damaged skin tissue & naturally rebuilds collagen. Rich in essential fatty acids & Vitamin C with a pH balance similar to the natural oil in our skin. I've had clients tell me how amazing this product is. It has truly transformed their skin. Some clients have even told me it has diminished their sun spots.  The one thing I love...

Why Eleusian Is The Way to Beautiful Skin

Fiorella Schiavello

1. WHAT IS THE END RESULT WE ARE LOOKING FOR IN A SKIN CARE RANGE:We are looking for a skin care range that will deliver a skin that is:- Vibrant / glowing/refreshed/alive- Clear - no sum damage, breakouts, redness- Flawless- Healthy- Youthful- Hydrated- Smooth & Silky- Balanced and a range that will prevent/slow down the ageing process and rectify damage. In other words, a healthy, beautiful skin. 2. What properties should be in the ideal skin care range in order to achieve the desired end result?- An optimum moisture content to prevent dryness- Enhancing the oxygenation of the skin- Allowing the...

How can you look younger?

Fiorella Schiavello

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How do you prevent premature ageing, you ask? Having radiant skin isn't just about what you put on your face; it's a holistic approach that includes a healthy lifestyle and mindset.  If you're feeling tired and sluggish, chances are you'll show it in your skin. Here are some quick ways you can start shedding years off your 'age' just by keeping healthy, and using a simple, effective skin-care system.       Drink lots of water Get enough sleep  Get enough iron and zinc Exercise for 20min a day Stay positive Avoid foods that are high in sugar and sodium...

Our new range of Hand wash and Hand Cream is Finally here !

Fiorella Schiavello

We are excited to announce that our new range of hand wash and hand cream is now in stock !   Both hand wash and hand cream includes natural ingredients with essential blended oils to give you the freshest experienced you've ever had. Our hand wash will not leave your hands feeling dry & irritated, they will feel silky smooth & super soft. Perfect for those with sensitive skin and/or problematic skin conditions such as psoriasis or dermatitis. Our formulation does not include SLS or any other nasty ingredients. Both hand wash & hand cream include Mandarin, Patchouli & Grapefruit....

Why Use Pure Rose Hip Oil?

Leah Burgess

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You might be thinking that Rose Hip Oil dramatically varies in cost, and we don't blame you!  On a recent spree, Eleusian staff members found that prices for Rose Hip Oil ranged from $9.95, right up to $109. But there's a reason why some products aren't as beneficial as others, and why cheaper products just don't cut it. When Rose Hip Oil is distilled using inferior machinery, and often in large factories, much of it's nutritional benefits are lost.  A product can claim to be Rose Hip Oil, but after it's processed, it is as good as using a cheap...