Why Use Pure Rose Hip Oil?

Leah Burgess

You might be thinking that Rose Hip Oil dramatically varies in cost, and we don't blame you!  On a recent spree, Eleusian staff members found that prices for Rose Hip Oil ranged from $9.95, right up to $109. But there's a reason why some products aren't as beneficial as others, and why cheaper products just don't cut it.

When Rose Hip Oil is distilled using inferior machinery, and often in large factories, much of it's nutritional benefits are lost.  A product can claim to be Rose Hip Oil, but after it's processed, it is as good as using a cheap vegetable oil on your skin.  It might feel the same, but it certainly isn't doing the job.


Pure, organic Rose Hip Oil is potent, and packed in nourishing Vitamin C, Vitamin A (Retinol), Omega-3, as well as the antioxidants lycopene and beta-carotene.


Why are these ingredients so important?

  • They deeply moisturise and can be carried easily through the top layer of the skin (epidermis) to the skin cells below
  • They promote tissue renewal meaning they are great to use on scars/wrinkles and sun damage
  • They have anti oxidant and anti inflammatory compounds that heal and regenerate
  • They aren't toxic, and can be used long term with only great side effects!

You'll notice that good quality Rose Hip Oil will start to improve the skin's texture very quickly.  Dry skin can improve dramatically within 1-2 days of usage.


You can also use our Regenerative Rose Hip Oil intermittently as a treatment serum.

Love and Light,

Eleusian Skin Care


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