Why Eleusian Is The Way to Beautiful Skin

Fiorella Schiavello

We are looking for a skin care range that will deliver a skin that is:
- Vibrant / glowing/refreshed/alive
- Clear - no sum damage, breakouts, redness
- Flawless
- Healthy
- Youthful
- Hydrated
- Smooth & Silky
- Balanced and a range that will prevent/slow down the ageing process and rectify damage. In other words, a healthy, beautiful skin.

2. What properties should be in the ideal skin care range in order to achieve the desired end result?
- An optimum moisture content to prevent dryness
- Enhancing the oxygenation of the skin
- Allowing the skin to breath
- Detoxifying, in order to rid the skin of toxins
- Help to maintain the delicate pH balance of the skin
- Cell regeneration to reproduce health cells
- Anti-oxidants to fight unhealthy cells and free radicals
- Outstanding aesthetics, leaving the skin smooth and silky
- Protection and a barrier against unhealthy cells and the elements
- Nourishing, in order to boost the healthy cells, and to limit the ageing process.

3. What happens to the skin if the above properties are not included in a skin care range?
- Without these vital properties, there will be an ongoing build up of dead cells, therefore not allowing the skin to rid itself of toxins.
- This will lead to a dull complexion, fine lines and wrinkles, and other problems such as breakouts/spots/acne, etc.

4. The Eleusian formulations include all the properties for the perfect skin care range, and that is why Eleusian is the way to beautiful skin.
- Unique & revolutionary lamellar system is used in the production of the Eleusian base.
- This system delivers twice the level of moisture by mimicking the structure of pro lipids and enhancing the normal function of the skin in a harmonious way.
- This system also allows the skin to breath, therefore allowing increased oxygen to the skin, expelling of toxins and enhancing the skin's natural regenerative functions.

No matter what your skin type, the Eleusian formulation delivers superior results, making a discernible difference.

Eleusian is all natural.
Free of animal by-products, not tested on animals and containing NO mineral oils, lanolin, artificial colours or fragrances.

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