The oil everyone is raving about

Fiorella Schiavello

Remarkable regenerative properties & endorsed by medical professionals for its unique healing powers & accelerating skin repair after cosmetic & laser surgery - the oil everyone is talking about is Rose Hip Oil. It softens fine lines & wrinkles, repairs damaged skin tissue & naturally rebuilds collagen. Rich in essential fatty acids & Vitamin C with a pH balance similar to the natural oil in our skin.

I've had clients tell me how amazing this product is. It has truly transformed their skin. Some clients have even told me it has diminished their sun spots. 

The one thing I love to do at night after cleansing is get a small amount of night cream onto my fingers & add about 3-4 drops of Rose Hip oil to it, mix it together & massage it into my face. It absolutely glides on & feels amazing !!  When I wake up the next morning, I can truly see a difference in my skin. Rose Hip Oil can be used all over the face including around the eye area.

Our Regenerative Rose Hip Oil is 100% pure, so no nasties or fillers, just pure natural & organic ingredients.  xx


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