Dry Skin? Get Moisturised!

Leah Burgess

So, you’ve got dry, tired skin that hasn’t been the same since your early 20s? Well that’s not just because your hormones have changed, it could also be because you haven’t found the right moisturiser.



Try these tips:

  • Nourish your skin with creams that aren’t packed with chemicals, these can actually dry your skin after absorption.  Natural beauty products are the only way to go. 
  • Use a daily facial moisturiser packed with bio-nutrients and essential oils that will replenish moisture and act as a barrier to external hazards.
  • Also use a night-cream that can soothe the skin, acting as a skin treatment while you sleep.
  • For dry skin with deep wrinkles, use a skin treatment with active ingredients such as naturally based peptides or plant cells.  These ingredients repair your skin from a cellular level, boosting collagen production for a younger looking you! 
  • Make sure NOT to boycott moisturising if you’ve had a breakout.  Dry skin can be just as prone to spots. 
  • For severely malnourished and chapped skin, try rose hip oil underneath your normal moisturiser for that extra moisture boost. 
  • Lastly, think of your skin as like yourself.  It needs refreshment to function well! 

Get beautiful skin, the natural way!

Love and light, 

The Eleusian Team xx

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