Leah Burgess

Sleep can elude even the best of us, at times when we need it most. So what is it about sleep that is so important?

Scientists theorise that it helps us restore energy levels, conserve energy needed for day-to-day activities, and also to help our brain’s cognitive function.  In short, without it, we are dreary, tired and all over the place!

Sound Familiar?

Unhealthy sleeping patterns can also have a disastrous affect on the skin. A lack of shut-eye can cause your skin to appear dry and pale, and be prone to breakouts and irritations that hang around post treatment

We've done a little research for you, and found some great tips for getting a blissful night’s sleep so that you can look and feel your best for tomorrow!

Don’t eat a huge meal before bed.  Have a light snack, and keep dinner to at least two hours before you hit the pillow. 

Alcohol and Caffeine are not your friends. Alcohol in large amounts can lead to sleep disruption, so keep your glasses to a maximum of two.  If you must have caffeine, restrict yourself to one coffee a day and absolutely none past 2pm (no ifs, no buts!).

Exercise is great! But lay off the treadmill too close to bedtime. As you exercise, your body burns energy and increases the heart rate.  Try sleeping too close to a fitness frenzy and you might find your mind racing for an hour or two.

Leave phones, computers and TVs out of the bedroom.  Too much stimuli can leave you feeling ‘wired’ and restless. Curl up with a good book, or make yourself a warm milk.

Routine is key! Go to bed around the same time every night and set your alarm for the same time in the day.  Your body has rhythm (yes it does!) and you will find that it will start to understand when you need to switch off.

Now, go get some sleep! 



Love and light, 

The Eleusian Team xx

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