Eleusian Gives You Beautiful Skin All Year Long

Fiorella Schiavello

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Over the summer months, with more sun exposure, as well as a relaxed attitude to eating and drinking, it’s easy to neglect and do serious damage to your skin. Thankfully, RESCU has discovered the Australian skincare brand, Eleusian, who are redefining beauty through true innovation—and they’re getting impressive results.

Eleusian uses the latest scientific research as well as the best natural ingredients to create a skincare range that is naturally luxurious, and, best of all, effective. Eleusian founder Robyn Aylward-Austin explained: “Everything we do and every product we formulate reflects our total commitment to excellence, integrity and the science of skincare”. Eleusian’s results driven cosmeceutical range is built on the leading edge, scientifically advanced technology, creating a uniquely powerful range of anti-aging skin care. 

By combining groundbreaking and scientifically advanced LamellarPlex and Peptide technology with the highest-grade natural and certified organic ingredients, Eleusian is delivering outstanding results that are clinically proven. 

Not only have the clinical results been impressive, but a user survey also shows that women are seeing and feeling the difference.

• 96% of respondents noticed an outstanding firming in the skin. 

• 97% recorded considerable smoothing of the skin. 

• 98% noticed a significant lessening in the appearance of wrinkles. 

• 97% observed an outstanding improvement in the texture of their skin. 

• 96% noticed more even skin tone. 

Eleusian’s Ageless Radiance Regime 

The Eleusian Ageless Radiance Regime is the perfect way to give your skin the attention it desperately needs. With three of Eleusian’s most sought after skincare products, healthy, age-defiant and radiant skin is as simple as Purify, Perfect and Pamper. 

Purify — with Eleusian Crystal Ion Radiant Express 

With its unique micro-delivery cleanser, microdermabrasion and hydrating mask, erase fine lines, wrinkles, sun-damage, pigmentation, age spots, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture—give your skin a young, tight and fresh feel. The potent anti-oxidant Zeolite in Crystal Ion, naturally traps, absorbs, neutralises and eliminates free radicals and toxins, whilst re-mineralising and balancing the pH of the skin. 

Perfect — with Eleusian Ageless Total Eye Renew 

Ten times thinner than regular facial skin, the skin surrounding your eyes is the most easily damaged, quickly aging your entire face. By reducing and erasing dark circles, puffiness, discolouration or even spider veins, the eye area is immediately transformed—intensely smoothed, firmed and lifted—helping you to regain a visibly younger, more radiant look.

Pamper — with Eleusian Rose Hip Regenerative Oil 

The first to use this powerful natural ingredient, Eleusian’s 100% pure, certified organic Rose Hip Regenerative Oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. This easily absorbed oil is pure regenerative skin food and a must-have for truly healthy skin.

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