Holiday Skin Got You Worried?

Fiorella Schiavello

VACATION VACATION VACATION! A word synonymous with relaxation, but also funnily enough, with skin problems that come at the most annoying time!

Skin changes due to differences in humidity and temperature can wreak havoc, which is why we've created an SOS day spa for your face in one action packed product

Our Hydrosol Tonic Mist is a natural,  moisturising toner spray full of essential oils and deeply nourishing botanical extracts. A product that will keep the dreaded dry flakes at bay, and add moisture to skin affected by chlorinated water or sun screens.  Keep it at the ready on your next trip to the beach or pool, and use as a quick skin pick me up.  You can even use it as a spritz over your make up to keep it set all night long!  

Love your skin with eleusian skin care!  xx







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