Hi there, I'm Fiorella Schiavello, owner of Eleusian, a natural & organic skin care line that is based in Melbourne.
What goes into Eleusian is very important to me because for many years I had very sensitive skin where anything I would use would cause redness, pimples & irritation. The only way to combat the damage would be to use cortisone cream. I was sick of using all these different brands that didn't deliver the results. Until Eleusian came along and all that changed !
Our range has been developed with a view of being all natural, so it's packed with bio nutrients, herbal extracts, plant based ingredients & the purest aromatherapy essential oils that is going to nourish, heal, replenish, hydrate, clear & repair your skin, as well as diminish fine lines & wrinkles.
My prices are also very affordable as I want everyone to have the opportunity to use an amazing brand but without the high price tags.
It is safe for the whole family to use and for all skin types and conditions.
My teenage kids also use the range and clears up any pimples that may arise.


In developing a range that is all natural, my belief of "food is thy medicine" also came to light.
I have a strong interest in internal health, continuously studying the benefits that mother nature has provided us. In saying that, here at Eleusian we would never compromise the fresh food we eat. So our skin, which is the biggest living organ that absorbs everything, should be given the same opportunity to thrive and nourish, and that is why our ingredients are of the highest quality as I would never put anything else onto my or my family's skin.
My love for finer things also inspired us to create a look that is contemporary, stylish and with a touch of fanciness, but without the price tag. Here at Eleusian, we want to give everyone the opportunity to purchase our affordable range and fall in love with the results. So when you make self care a priority with Eleusian, your skin will be left healthy, balanced, hydrated & glowing.
We love everything we stand for and we can assure you that our range has been developed to provide you with excellent results.
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Love & Light x x x 
Fiorella Schiavello