we love everything we stand for

Eleusian Skin Care produces natural beauty products, free of animal by-products, not tested on animals, absolutely no SLS or parabens, packed with bio-nutrients & essential oils.
Our belief is that "food is thy medicine". We are on the quest for internal health and would never compromise the fresh food we eat that has been given to us from mother nature. Our skin should be given the same opportunity to thrive and nourish, and that is why our ingredients are of the highest quality.
Most of us now are realising that real food is what nourishes our bodies and souls. We are becoming a lot more aware of all these toxic ingredients that have been sprayed onto our foods, so why is our skin care any different? Do not make your skin care an exemption when choosing what you are putting onto your biggest living organ that absorbs everything ! You wouldn't eat synthetic food that contained high levels of chemicals, so why apply it to your skin? Synthetic ingredients are damaging and our skin doesn't easily recognise it, nor does it know how to use it in useful ways to heal our body.
Eleusian's unprocessed, natural and organic plant based ingredients is what is going to nourish your skin, give it the opportunity to heal, replenish and repair, making it safe for everyone to use, and for all skin types and conditions. It will stimulate lymph movement, create healthy stem cells while eliminating dead skin cells, provide a boost of hyaluronic acid that we produce naturally in our systems, provide peptides, vitamins, anti-oxidants and omegas for healthy & glowing looking skin. Integrated with an optimum concentration of the purest aromatherapy essential oils, organic herbal extracts and vitamins - all designed to replenish your skin with dynamic, round the clock hydration and care.
Your skin will literally come alive & feel balanced after using Eleusian. With our products, the skin will provide you with positive results when used as a daily routine. Make self care a priority and enjoy simply washing your face and body with our gloriously, naturally scented products. The luxurious feel of our products, the amazing smell and the benefits that each ingredient will provide is like treating your body and skin with love each time you use Eleusian. 
We love everything we stand for and we can assure you that when you start using Eleusian, you will also love everything about our products.
We want to shout it out to the world how amazing, fresh, results driven and wonderful all our products are. With the help of all our Eleusian lovers, we can spread the word.
Love & Light x x x