Your Skin

Our lifestyle, environment and what we eat impacts our skin's condition

This is why our skin care ingredients is just as important as the food we put into our bodies. Our skin is the biggest living organ and we need to take care of what we put on it as it absorbs everything into our systems. We carefully choose non toxic ingredients so it benefits not only the outside of our bodies, but also the inside.

Our approach to skin is the same way as how we see nutrition. Food is thy medicine. So if we are eating an abundant of fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs to nourish our souls, we need to nourish our bodies externally the exact same way. By doing this, we are healing and preventing any symptoms that may exist or arise.

When it comes to figuring out why we have loose skin, blemishes, under eye circles, skin problems, fine lines & wrinkles, look no further for the answer. Our products contain an abundant of natural, plant based & beneficial ingredients that will leave your skin looking hydrated, firm, glowing and healthy.
Have a look at our list below & simply click on the selected skin type to see what products will suit your skin care routine:



your skin is not producing enough oil, resulting in:

  • fine texture with small pores
  • skin often feels tight and prone to broken capillaries
  • skin appears dull, with matte appearance all over
  • overall dryness
  • redness and uneven skin tone


your skin is neither too oily or too dry. Well cared for normal skin is blemish-free, and has an even distribution of moisture. As your skin is producing just the right amount of oil, it results in:

  • small pores
  • skin appears a little shiny on the t-zone towards late afternoon
  • occasional pimple or blackhead


normal in most areas and prone to excess oiliness on t-zone and/or dryness around the eyes, lips and cheeks. Skin is usually oily only in the t-zone (nose, forehead, chin) while dry elsewhere (cheeks), resulting in:

  • oily/shiny appearance on the t-zone by afternoon
  • visible pores on the t-zone
  • prone to breakouts, pimples and blackheads


at eleusian, we have products to fix the most problematic skin issues. Our team of experts are also free to answer any questions you may have about our treatment options. Click the issues below to see which products can help.

acne / break-outs / blackheads

eye puffiness / dark circles 

dry / eczema / sensitive skin

skin food 

pigmentation / dark spots / rosacea